i really enjoy music, and will be putting songs on a lot of pages. here's the names, to all those wondering!

the music playing, Right Now!: Waterloo Sunset, by The Kinks

about me: Sorority Girls, by Mommy Long Legs

index: Blood Bitch, by the Cocteau Twins

months: She Is (Wild and Exciting), by Earth and Fire

may: Bring, by The Spits

june entries: A History Of Bad Men, by Melvins

june 06: Oblivion, by Grimes

june 08: Third Uncle, by Brian Eno (Bauhaus didn't do it first!)

june 19: Atlantis, by Donovan

june 28: The Hanging Garden, by The Cure

july entries: Ghost Town, by Specials.

august entries: Wuthering Heights, by Kate Bush

september entries: Jump In The Line, by Harry Belafonte

october entries: Blasphemous Rumors, by Depeche Mode

november entries: Who Was In My Room Last Night? by the Butthole Surfers

december entries: I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind, by Vashti Bunyan